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 The Back Room

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PostSubject: The Back Room   Tue Jul 15, 2008 12:12 pm

Seeing a doorway to the left of the Dragon, you start towards it.
"Oh no you don't!" The Dragon gently says. "That's my back room."

The Back Room contains all the items that a Chubby Dragon could ever want. Serya, the Store Keeper, is told by the Ancients when to release her items to the public. A few of the items she has in The Back Room are listed below.

~One Charm Bracelet~
Valued at 10k
These bracelets are used by Chubs to breed. The onyx links are dusted with Sphixy Scales and seem to glow yellow, bonding the two Chubs until the young one is born. One Charm Bracelets guarantee a pair one baby during season.

~Two Charm Bracelet~
Valued at 25k
These bracelets are used by Chubs to breed. The onyx links are dusted with Sphixy Scales and seem to glow yellow, bonding the two Chubs until the young ones are born. Two Charm Bracelets guarantee a pair twins during season.

~Sphixy Scales~
Valued at 20k
Sphixy Scales are sprinkled over Gold Chain Necklaces and make them glow, bonding the two Chubs together until the young babies are born. In the small jug they come in, these scales are iridescent white, shining blue, pink, green, and lavendar. They are a lovely site. Even the bottle seems to glow a bit yellow.

~Silver Chain Necklace~
Valued at 25k
Silver Chain Necklaces are used when bonding two Chubs of the same gender. These rare chains are thick and heavy, much like real chains. The two Chubs are not bonded, but stuck together. Because of the extreme stuck they get, they do not need Sphixy Scales to breed.

~Ancient Dragons Horn~
Valued at 40k
When the Chubs were still normal dragons, they had long horns coming from their faces. As they evolved, these horns dropped off, littering their valley. SPO regularly collects these horns. When Chubs are exposed to the old horns, strange things happen. They seem to go backwards in the evolution, gaining mutations they didn't have before. When bonded Chubs are exposed to Ancient Dragons Horn, their babies have strange mutations.

~Breeding Voucher~
Valued at 30k each
These yellowing scrolls are passed down from Ancient to Ancient for years. They allow one reserve breeding come the breeding season. These scrolls are taken great care of. They are tied closed with a ribbon, and only the Ancient's and SPO know what they contain. They allow a pair of Chubby Dragons one free breeding. No Sphixy Scales or Bracelets are needed when using a Breeding Voucher.

~Luva Matra~
Valued at 50k
These rare, mysterious potions were given to the Ancients by the Ethereals with no directions. No one knows what is in these heart-shaped bottles, or if it is evil or good. The tests have shown both. In some pairs, it creates love pairs. Love pairs are exclusive breeding Chubby Dragons. They are allowed only to breed with one another and never require any items. But in some pairs, it destroys them. The two Chubby Dragons become replused by one another, never able to breed again.

~Ethereal Casmo~
Valued at 75k each
The Ethereal Casmo is a special stone kept inside the horn of the first offpsring of the two leading Ethereals. When the offspring passed, his horns fell off. Inside one was found a small blue stone. Inside this stone was a siwrling yellow vortex. The stone was kept inside the horn and passed down to the Ancients. After experimenting a bit, the Ancients saw that this small blue stone did odd things to their kind. It mutated them, and changed their colors. Making them look very different from before. No one knows why the First Offspring was the bearer of this stone, but it is thought evil and using it will cost you greatly. In fee and in physicalities.
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The Back Room
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